Which Dental Fillings are recommended by holistic dentists in Kelowna?


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Holistic dentistry is the kind of dental treatment that focuses on the health of your whole body rather than focusing on oral health only. If you’re looking to improve your oral health AND your overall health, an excellent first step is getting in touch with a holistic dentist near you, like Dr. Shauna Palmer in West-Kelowna.

Dr. Shauna Palmer:
“There are still many “blanks” around holistic dentistry. We hear this question all the time: “What dental fillings do holistic dentists use?” So let’s answer this question thoroughly in our October blog article.”

First of all, why do you need a dental filling actually?

You might need a filling if a tooth is weakened when an exterior source eats away at the tooth’s surface and exposes the inner, porous layer of enamel. Acid or sugary substances can deteriorate the surface, weakening it to the point where a restoration is necessary. A dental filling can fill these holes created by erosion, while the tooth still retains its natural structure and shape. 

Fillings typically have a lifespan of three to six years before they need to be replaced because their strength diminishes over time with wear-and-tear from chewing food or exposure to hot liquids and cold drinks.

What are “white” dental fillings?

White fillings, also known as composite fillings, are a mixture of acrylic and resin that is used to fill cavities in teeth. White dental fillings are often preferred because they can be made to match the colour and texture of your teeth so it’s less noticeable when you smile.

White fillings are typically considered a better alternative to amalgam or metal fillings because they don’t contain mercury and other metals that can be harmful for your health over time.
Are white fillings more expensive than metal fillings? Yes, usually they cost a little bit more. But there are multiple benefits to white fillings, including:
Insulating properties
are protecting your tooth much more effectively.
Natural tissues
in the vicinity are better protected
Blending in
with your natural tooth colour.
Biocompatible materials
to protect your oral and overall health

Are amalgam dental fillings unhealthy?


Amalgam fillings are a mix of mercury, silver, copper and other metals that are heated and used to fill cavities in teeth. If the cavity is very large or has a complex shape, a large amount of filling may be needed for a complete filling. In recent years, concern has grown about the toxicity of mercury as it can leak from the amalgam filling into your mouth over time.

Today, holistic dentists (who care about your overall health as well) prefer composite fillings. They have become more popular due to their zero mercury content and because the colour matches the teeth better and makes them less noticeable aesthetically speaking.

Dr Shauna Palmer, holistic dentist in West-Kelowna, is a certified [SMART] Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique providerWhat exactly is SMART Amalgam Filling Removal?

Dr. Shauna Palmer:

“Amalgam filling removal creates mercury vapours and particles. It’s extremely easy to inhale these vapours, which can then be absorbed into the body through the lungs. Removing amalgam fillings incorrectly can expose my patients, my team, and myself to the potentially harmful effects of mercury.
The SMART treatment process provides a SAFE methodology to remove mercury fillings, and replace them with healthy white fillings. In other words, the patients in my care will have less risk of adverse health reactions due to mercury exposure.
Holistic dentists don’t just see a set of teeth. My team and I see each patient that comes into my practice as a whole person. We want to do all we can to care for their body, mind, and spirit. To accomplish that, I implement holistic, homeopathic, and science-based principles into the diagnosis and treatment of my patients.”

What are composite resin fillings?

Composite resin is a new, artificial composite material that dentists use to fill cavities. For decades dentists relied on metal amalgam fillings, but these days composite resin has replaced them for several reasons, including it’s all-in-one sealant and the longer lasting results it provides. It’s also mercury free and improves the aesthetics of teeth by matching tooth enamel more closely than other filling materials. Plus, dental composite can be used to bond metal parts or fill cracks between teeth while other materials are not always suitable for these purposes.

What are ceramic fillings?

Ceramic is the type of filling that is used commonly. Some advantages of ceramic restorations is that they are fairly inexpensive and stronger and longer-lasting than composite fillings. Additionally, they are very aesthetic.

Ceramic fillings are made from materials such as quartz, feldspar, kaolin, clay and alumina which form into layers when heated up to 2100 degrees Celsius. They provide a hard, durable surface that resists corrosion and prevents bacteria from entering the tooth. There are many types of ceramics, including glass-ceramics, porcelain-ceramics, and composite-ceramics (a combination of materials).

Who provides natural, healthy, and good looking white fillings in West Kelowna?

Dr. Shauna Palmer provides a healthy way to replace your mercury fillings with beautiful white ones. If you have any more questions about dental fillings and how they fit into holistic dentistry, feel free to contact our office at anytime! Our knowledgable staff will be happy to help answer any questions you might have, or help you book an appointment with holistic dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer in West-Kelowna.

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