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Why does TMJ make my ear hurt?


Your TMJ Joint (temporomandibular joint) is close to the auditory canal, so pain and inflammation in your TMJ can transfer to the ear. Ear ringing (also know as Tinnitus) can also be an effect of a TMJ disorder.

Because inflammation of TMJ dysfunction occurs in the temporomandibular joint and muscles near the ear, the inflammation caused by a TMJ problem can present itself as ear pain, or tinnitus. Symptoms of TMJ ear pain become usually apparent during chewing, speaking, or clenching.

An ENT specialist can examine your hearing and eardrum to determine if your earache is related to the TMJ.


Where is the temporomandibular (TMJ) joint?

The temporomandibular joints are the two joints that connect the jawbone to the skull. The primary function of the TMJ is to open and close the mouth in a rotating and sliding motion.

The TMJ joints are located on either side of your head, in front of your ears.


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Can TMJ ear pain be treated?

Ear pain can have a multitude of causes and it doesn't necessarily has to be a TMJ Disorder. When a misaligned bite affects your TMJ joint and it reveals itself through ear pain, there are multiple ways for treatment depending on the level and severity of the disorder.

West Kelowna dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer, applies a holistic, physiological approach to pain symptoms related to TMJ disorders. Simply put, the fact that 'Everything in your body is connected', requires a multi-factoral approach to TMJ Treatment.

In other words: When your bite is misaligned because of injury, missing teeth, decay, or any other reason, it might affect the TMJ joints, which could have a straining effect on other muscle groups. (Jaw, neck, shoulder, face, eyes and ears).

Dental treatment can restore the balance in your mouth and relax the stressed muscles that cause TMJ pain.

When you suffer from ear pain and suspect it is caused by a TMJ Disorder, consider a TMJ Diagnosis by Dr. Shauna Palmer at Health & Beauty dentistry, in West Kelowna.


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