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What is a Sedation Dentist?


Though the title "Sedation Dentist" is not applicable to any dentist (there is no official certification for this area of treatment), West Kelowna General Dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer has become quite experienced with treating patients who are in need of stress and anxiety reduction.


Introducing... NuCalm

What is NuCalm and how is it used in sedation dentistry?

NuCalm is designed to reduce stress and anxiety. It combines four approaches to relax the body and mind:
  1. Non-narcotic cream applied to the neck that naturally suppresses adrenaline
  2. Micro current pads placed behind the patient’s ears
  3. Light-blocking glasses remove visual stimuli
  4. Headphones block clinical sounds and provide soothing tones
These four components combine to relieve anxiety and reduce muscle tension. It is known as safe, effective, and works within minutes.
Some compare NuCalm to the sensation you have just before falling asleep. Many patients feel rejuvenated for days after the therapy. NuCalm relaxes you and washes away your anxieties, making it an excellent tool for dentistry.
NuCalm is used as a form of sedation dentistry. It is perfect for patients that experience dental anxiety, as it naturally reduces stress during procedures. It can also be used with patients that simply prefer a more comfortable trip to the dentist.
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How does NuCalm work?


NuCalm’s 4 steps to relaxation

In just 4 simple steps, NuCalm will soothe your dental anxiety, keeping you calm, relaxed, and ready to face your treatment:

Step #1: First we will apply a cream with two natural ingredients (Gaba and L-Theonine), your own body produced to help counteract adrenaline. 

Step #2: Next we’ll place microcurrent stimulation patches behind your ears. This will bring you to relaxation more easily.

Step #3: The third step is noise-dampening headphones to slow your brain waves to a pre-sleep stage speed of 8Hz-12Hz/second with neuroacoustic software and music.

Step #4: The final step is light-blocking glasses to block out any visual stimuli that might bring you out of your relaxed NuCalm state.


NuCalm is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


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No more dental anxiety or being afraid of the dentist

98% of the over 140,000 patients who have used NuCalm during their dental treatment, said they would recommend it to their friends and family. They report being so relaxed they were hardly be aware of their dental procedure. With no dental anxiety plus the bonus of NuCalm’s calming after effects, you’ll come away with that “after-the-spa” sense of rejuvenation.

NuCalm is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


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