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Can TMJ / TMD cause migraines?


Reports have shown that the impact of migraines is a major imposition in an individual’s productivity and lifestyle. If you suffer, you may take significant time away from work, it could hinder your job performance when you are there, it can place restrictions on your daily activities and they disrupt relationships.

In the States alone, it’s been estimated that migraines account for $27 million in annual lost working days. Fortunately, researchers have uncovered and revealed much more about migraines, what causes them and how to manage them.

Migraines vary a great deal in degree and in symptom among sufferers. The severity of the symptoms can range from moderate to excruciating. One particular study found that approximately one-third of migraine sufferers routinely cancel social or family activities. Additionally, over one-half say their headaches affect their relationships with family members. Some are bothered by nausea while others experience dizziness and others still have no symptoms apart from head pain.

TMJ disorders have been identified as a significant cause of migraines and headaches.

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Can a misaligned bite cause migraines?


When your upper and lower teeth do not line up properly (also called a misaligned bite or malocclusion), it will cause strain on your TMJ joint. The muscles around will try to compensate which will can cause severe migraines and headaches.

Here's what is happening: When the muscles in your jaw tense up — like when you grind your teeth — the pain can spread to other TMJ muscles alongside your cheeks and on the sides and top of your head, causing a migraine or headache.


How do you get rid of TMJ migraines and headaches?

When you suffer from TMJ migraines or headaches, please discuss your symptoms with your doctor and/or dentist. He or she will check your:

  • jaw movement when opening and closing your mouth
  • range of jaw motion
  • areas around your jaw(s) to identify where the pain comes from

Though the title "TMJ or physiologically based dentist" is not applicable to any dentist, (there is no official certification for this area of treatment) West Kelowna Dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer has become quite experienced with treating patients who suffer from TMJ migraines and headaches. By carefully examining and monitoring your bite, specific modifications can be applied to realign the teeth, your overall bite, and jaw movement, which can relax the affected muscles that cause TMJ migraines and headaches.

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