TMJ Facial Pain West Kelowna

Can TMJ cause facial pain?


TMJ joints can be strained therefore, pain can be felt in the eyes, ears, mouth, forehead, cheeks, tongue, teeth, throat, and jaws. Commonly referred to as 'Facial Pain'.

Why talk to a dentist about facial pain?

It might ... be your bite! Everything wears out. So do your teeth. When your teeth are misaligned because of injury, gaps, or decay and the natural balance is disturbed, your TMJ joints possibly try to compensate for the imbalance. The compensation can cause strain on other muscles groups, which might amount in pain in any of the facial areas mentioned above.

Sometimes, TMJ will cause numbness in the face. Numbness occurs when the temporomandibular joint puts pressure on the nearby trigeminal nerve, which carries signals to your forehead and face. When this happens, it may cut off sensory input to these areas, resulting in loss of feeling.

Realignment of the teeth and jaws can help to restore the 'bite balance'. When you suffer from facial pain and suspects it to be TMJ Disorder related, consider making an appointment for a TMJ diagnosis at West Kelowna dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer at Health & Beauty Dentistry.

Do I have a TMJ Disorder?


How TMJ pain can transfer to the face


Pressure on a trigger point can cause muscle fibres to shorten and be painful to touch. This can send or transfer “referred pain” radiating out to other areas of the body or face.

Do you suffer from Facial Pain?
Why not do something about it?

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