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What anti-snoring device is the best?


Do you suffer from bad sleep?

If you suffer from a sleep-related problem like chronic snoring or sleep apnea, you’re most likely always exhausted. Fortunately, a snoring device or an oral sleep appliance can help alleviate your symptoms and lead you on the road to restful nights and happy days.


A simple snoring device can change your life

This simple, little device, offered by Kelowna sleep dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer, basically helps increase the space in your throat. This increase allows your airways to open properly and allows oxygen into your body, as required. 

When your airway is collapsed, restricted or blocked altogether, it leads to snoring and more importantly, sleep apnea.

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MicrO2 sleep and snore device


When you suffer from sleep apnea, the muscles in the back of your throat relax and restricts your normal breathing. Additionally, your tongue falls backward and your airway narrows – even closing altogether – limiting your breathing and ultimately lowering your blood oxygen levels. To kick-start your breathing again, your brain momentarily wakes you up, which allows you to re-open your airway and start breathing again. This entire process is quick so most people aren’t even aware it’s happening.

This potentially life-threatening pattern of sleep apnea can be alleviated by keeping your airway open, with a simple snoring/sleep apnea device. The appliance essentially prohibits your jaw from falling back and restricting your airway, while you sleep.  It gently holds your jaw forward in its proper position, which in turn ensures your airways are clear and open.  The appliance offered by sleep dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer in Kelowna, allows for open, unobstructed breathing all night long.

An oral sleep appliance re-positions your jaw and tongue to a more forward position, helping keep your airway open during sleep. Since Dr. Palmer uses a physiologic technique to determine this position, it is more effective, it stops grinding of teeth, it is easy to adapt to, and it prevents and reduces more common side effects of traditional sleep apnea devices like TMJ pain and bite changes. This physiologic position relaxes the jaw, airway, and neck muscles with the help of ultra-low frequency TENS and computerized jaw tracking to achieve this position. 

NOTE: Patients are required to be tested for obstructive sleep apnea prior to fabrication of a dental sleep apnea or snoring device. If sleep apnea is present a referral is required by a physician before proceeding with this treatment.


Introducing, MicrO2 Sleep and Snore Device

Using the MicrO2 device has its advantages:

  • light in weight
  • no tongue space invasion
  • no metal parts to adjust or weaken the appliance


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Nowadays, the lower jaw advancement is adjustable, which increases the effectiveness and makes the snoring devices even more comfortable. The bulk of clients that have compared a snoring device versus a CPAP machine, say it’s a highly effective solution, it’s eliminated their snoring and it’s reduced and even cured their sleep apnea.

While the number one priority is relief, you don’t want to compromise on comfort. And it would be great if the relief was immediate. With snoring devices from Dr. Shauna Palmer in Kelowna, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Snoring devices are comparable to a sports mouthguard, only thinner. It’s comfortable and smooth and you only need to wear it while you sleep at night.  It is easy to maintain and best of all, it will immediately reduce and most likely stop your snoring.

Depending on the severity and the cause of your sleep apnea or sleep disorder, you do have options in terms of treatment. By treating the source of your sleep disorder, Kelowna’s Dr. Shauna Palmer can help you get a good night’s sleep and potentially relieve your sleep apnea for the rest of your life.

Call our West Kelowna dental clinic today and find out exactly what you are dealing with and what your treatment options are. 


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