TMJ Neck Pain West Kelowna

Wondering what’s causing your neck pain? It could be your teeth.


Do you feel like your entire life revolves around dealing with severe neck pain? Are you frustrated because no one has been able to figure out the source of your problem? What is causing this persistent strain that literally is 'a pain in the neck'?

If this sounds familiar, then it may interest you to know that the source of your pain symptoms may be due to a misaligned bite or TMJ disorder.

What is a TMJ Disorder?


The jaw is a smoothly operating miracle that moves in perfect harmony with your body when you chew, yawn, sing, talk, laugh or make any number of facial expressions. When your bite becomes misaligned, however, your jaw no longer moves in the way it was intended.

When this happens, normal function places extraordinary pressure on your temporomandibular joints. Over time, this can lead to many different pain symptoms and cause damage to the TMJ joints and your teeth.

What causes a TMJ Disorder?

A TMJ disorder can be caused by many things, such as imbalanced development of the jaw, or traumatic injury to the face or jaw area, damaged or crooked teeth, and even genetics. The end result is often a misaligned jaw or bad bite.



How can a bad bite cause so many symptoms, and so much pain?


Because our body is a wonderfully complex system of many connected and moving parts, when one area becomes damaged or injured, other connected muscles, cartilage and soft tissue are often also affected. Here are just some of the most commonly seen symptoms:

  • Chronic and severe headaches often described as a sharp pain behind the eyes
  • Jaw clicking, popping or sticking
  • Vision problems
  • Facial muscle spasms
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • General muscle tension
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Dizziness

Is a TMJ Disorder behind your neck pain? And what to do about it?

Your first step could be to contact West Kelowna Dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer.

After treating TMJ patients for years, Dr. Palmer has built a vast experience with treating TMJ Disorders caused by a misaligned bite.

Contact the office to book a consultation. The Health & Beauty Dentistry practice in West Kelowna will provide a complete TMJ Diagnosis through a thorough oral examination and by testing the affected muscle groups. Then, Dr. Palmer can determine a treatment plan that may help you to permanently relieve your chronic neck pain.

Make an appointment today.


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