Headaches and Migraines: Related to TMJ Problems

Headaches and your long-term suffering from them, have been such a part of your everyday life, you don’t remember life before them. You have seen doctors and chiropractors and physical therapists and no one has been able to determine the cause of your suffering. You are well aware of how real the pain is but no one else seems to be able to offer any solutions.

Migraines: Much more than just a bad headache

Reports have shown that the impact of migraines is a major imposition in an individual’s productivity and lifestyle. If you suffer, you may take significant time away from work, it could hinder your job performance when you are there, it can place restrictions on your daily activities and they disrupt relationships.

Migraines vary a great deal in degree and in symptom among sufferers. The severity of the symptoms can range from moderate to excruciating. One particular study found that approximately one-third of migraine sufferers routinely cancel social or family activities. Additionally, over one-half say their headaches affect their relationships with family members. Some are bothered by nausea while others experience dizziness and others still have no symptoms apart from head pain.

When you experience a migraine attack, it may include a prodrome, an aura and a postdrome. All phases of a migraine attack can be disabling.

Migraines are often rooted in a dental cause

Have you been suffering from chronic, severe headaches for awhile? Have you been to see your doctor or perhaps many doctors about your situation? Have you been given a painkiller prescription as the treatment? The painkillers no doubt provide you some temporary relief and you can function more effectively while they work. But pain medication is only a temporary solution.

Dentist West Kelowna for migraines, headaches, and TMJ treatment

If you constantly are getting headaches with no apparent cause, you could be suffering from TMD. TMD, which stands for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, is often referred to as TMJ. This can often be corrected with dental procedures and treatments. Talk to Dr. Palmer about your symptoms and you could be on your way to headache free days.

Preventing serious issues caused by TMD early is important for your health. Learn how relieving headaches, migraines and jaw pain can improve your well being. Call our West Kelowna dental clinic today and find out exactly what you are dealing with and what your treatment options are.