If you experience facial pain, chances are you have problems elsewhere

facial-pain-kelownaDo you ever feel like you have stabbing pain behind your eyes? Does it make it hard to concentrate? The pressure on your sinuses is sometimes so great it makes you think you are allergic to everything. Sometimes, even the slightest touch to your cheeks leaves you cowering in discomfort.

Facial Pain and TMD

A lot of times, your facial pain could be related to TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). If you are living with TMD (and in most cases, don’t even know it), it can bring about numerous symptoms. Sometimes they make perfect sense as to how and why they are connected to your jaw joint. Sometimes they are a little more vague and it’s more difficult to make that connection. But, living with pain in your face is a common consequence to living with TMD.

Your body parts communicate with one another

facial-muscles-pain-kelownaYour face, neck and head have nerves, joints and muscles communicate with one another. If a nerve in your neck is aggravated, the discomfort can travel up that nerve and cause facial pain.

TMD affects all the muscles, specifically your head, neck, face, shoulders and back. It makes perfect sense then, if you suffer from TMD, you will feel the effects in your facial muscles. If you have a “bad bite” – one in which your upper and lower teeth do not come together in proper alignment – it can dislocate the placement of your jaw and the surrounding muscles. This imbalance in the bite-jaw-muscle relationship is what causes facial pain or pain behind the eyes.

Dentist West Kelowna for facial pain and TMJ treatment

Preventing serious issues caused by TMD early is important for your health. Learn how relieving facial pain and jaw pain can improve your well being. Call our West Kelowna dental clinic today and find out exactly what you are dealing with and what your treatment options are.