Meet our Kelowna and Vernon Health Partners

Dr. Shauna Palmer and our team work with other health professionals in order to reach our clients’ goals. We refer our clients to local Kelowna and Vernon health providers we know and trust, in turn, leading to the success of treatments. Local health partners may include family doctors, general physicians, physiotherapists, neurologists, family physicians, surgeons, orthodontists – just to name a few.

Family Physicians

Dr. Oyelese MD

Dr. Speiss MD

Dr. Marie Wiid MD

Dr. Verster MD

Dr. Gustavsson MD

Dr. Pritchett MD (Vernon, BC)

Naturopathic Physicians

Dr. Brett Phillips

Dr. Ermina

Dr. David Wickenheiser

Dr. Bryn Bentham

Dr. Garret G Swetlikoff

Dr. Tamara Browne

Otorhinolaryngology/Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT)

Dr. Bakala ENT

Dr. Achtem ENT

NUCCA Chiropractor

Dr. Gary Thomson, Nucca Chiropractor

Physio Therapists

Annick deGooyer Physio

Marie Nyland Dick Physio

Family Dentists

Dr Jeff Southam (Vernon dentist)

Dr. Kilistoff (Vernon dentist)

Therapy and Coaching

Community Sleep Coach