Dentist Summerland

“When I do my job properly, people that were afraid or hesitant to smile will be walking around with a perm-grin. As a proud West Kelowna dentist, I feel like I am really changing people’s lives, not just their appearance.

My goal and my priority is to help my clients live better, more fulfilled lives. And that starts with taking your smile and making it ‘you’, only better.”

–   Dr. Shauna Palmer, Dentist Summerland BC

Dentist Summerland:

Although Dr. Shauna Palmer and her dental team can treat complex cases, her office is still a general dental practice offering a full range of services.

What we mean by Health and Beauty – you deserve both!

You can boost confidence by enhancing your smile

Botox® Cosmetic
Cosmetic Teeth Makeovers and Dental Treatments

You can eliminate snoring, sleep apnea, and sleeping problems.

Sleep Disorder Care (sleep Apnea, snoring, CPAP alternatives)

Alleviate your migraines, headache, neck pain and jaw pain symptoms through TMJ disorder treatments.

Pain Care (TMJ/TMD, jaw pain, headaches, ear pain migraines)

In the province of British Columbia, Dr. Shauna Palmer is a preferred reference for many neurologists, medical doctors, dentists, and chiropractors regarding TMJ and sleep apnea. These professionals trust Kelowna dentist, Dr. Palmer, and refer their migraine, headache, and CPAP intolerant patients to her because she provides a neuromuscular, physiologic approach to resolving these issues.

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