Smile Rejuvenation: Take years off your looks

 Cosmetic dentist Kelowna offers smile rejuvenation and botox for migraines.Let’s face it. We are all in a race with time. We are in a competition with the mirror to see who is winning. We all want to look our best and we want to do what we can to delay the aging process. It’s just inevitable that over time, everything – including your smile – will wear out. Thanks to today’s cosmetic dentistry technology, you can get a Smile Rejuvenation.

Your smile as you age

As time rolls on, one of the most visible signs of aging is your changing smile. Front teeth, back teeth — they all eventually break down and wear out as the years pass.

It’s not just your smile but your facial appearance too. When your teeth start to age, the spaces between your upper and lower jaw close up. This results in your chin moving closer to your nose. You look as though the lower third of your face is “squished up”.

Over time you will see

  • Your lips change shape
  • Jowls beginning to appear on the side of your lower jaw
  • A deep crease popping up between your chin and lower lip
  • The skin of your lower face squishing together


Who needs a mirror? You already know you look fantastic!

With a smile rejuvenation, Dr. Palmer can restore and repair your worn smile. She can put a halt on the ravages of time and you will leave with a smile and a face that is restored to its original beauty.

Smile rejuvenation, a non-surgical process, is a balance-and-function process that involves:

  • Determining the cause of your smile problem
  • Scanning the jaw and muscle to find your most neutral, ideal bite
  • Creating a resin orthotic to refine your bite
  • Using porcelain veneers and crowns to restore your teeth, bite & smile
  • Using orthodontics to align the teeth to a healthier bite

BOTOX® Cosmetic for Smile Rejuvenation

We also offer BOTOX® Cosmetic in addition to a great smile! We can help take years off your looks by softening & reducing those facial wrinkles. BOTOX® Cosmetic is a naturally purified protein that relaxes muscles, creating a smooth and natural look. It’s a simple and quick, non-surgical treatment that delivers great, natural-looking results.

Beauty is your weapon against nature, against the aging process and against the world. For many, the act of beautification is not just an enhancement but it’s something more essential: it’s self-preservation. Beauty is becoming more and more accessible to everyone. Today with smile rejuvenation, welcome a healthier smile and youth back into your life.

Are you ready?

People with beautiful smiles get noticed! They look great in photos. See our Before and After gallery, click here.

Contact us for a Smile Design consultation on how you can improve your smile and start showing on the outside, what you feel on the inside.