Smile Design Kelowna: Aiming for natural looking cosmetic dentistry

A woman and a smile design by cosmetic dentist Kelowna, Dr. Shauna Palmer.

“Hmmmm – looks like someone has had their teeth done!” That is a sentence you never want to hear. You want to improve and enhance your smile but you want the end result to be natural looking. You want to appear untreated. You want a smile design to look authentic.

So, what makes someone’s smile attractive? With cosmetic dentistry, it comes down to balance and proportion. There is a natural law of beauty called Golden Proportion that we adhere to.

Golden Proportion means that your smile will have the natural shape, size and contour to accurately fit your face and work with your natural jaw function. We use techniques that give you a natural, genuine look. No “chicklet teeth” here. You will leave with YOUR smile, only better.

About the Golden Proportion

A new smile is only attractive when it looks natural. It needs to fit you, your character, your personality. That begs the question – what makes something attractive? There is an actual science behind it and it actually comes down to balance and proportion. We design your smile using a natural law of beauty called Golden Proportion. Golden Proportion means that your smile will have the natural shape, size and contour to fit your face. If your teeth are worn down, we will use our sophisticated cosmetic dentistry techniques to give you that natural look back.

The golden proportion is a mathematic relationship found throughout nature. This is used as a starting point when designing your smile. The golden proportion rule determines the amount of tooth surface that should be visible when viewed from the front and it will make your smile appear balanced.

Principles of Smile Design

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a beautiful smile is priceless. To design the most aesthetically pleasing and optimally functional smile, we follow the nine main Principles of Smile Design taking into account your unique facial features. For example, we can use characteristics such as tooth shape to compliment or enhance the shape of your face.


Symmetry is the defining feature of a beautiful smile. By ensuring symmetry of the two front teeth as well as neighboring teeth, the appearance of symmetry will affect the entire smile.

Horizontal Alignment:

Smile lines that are parallel to the horizontal axis of your face are widely considered most attractive.

Smile Line:

One of the most important characteristics of a great smile, a smile line is created by drawing an imaginary line from the biting edges of the back teeth around to the front teeth. A curved smile line makes you appear significantly younger.

Gum Line:

The most aesthetic smiles have symmetrical gum lines that follow the upper lip.

Smile Width:

In the ideal smile, the teeth towards the back of the mouth can be seen in progression. If the smile is narrow, the back teeth are often in shadow causing the sides of the smile to appear dark.


Embrasures are the natural, slight triangular spaces between the tips of your teeth. The most natural, youthful looking smile has small embrasure spaces at the front, which gradually get larger towards the back teeth.

Tooth Proportion:

When creating the ideal smile, the size of each tooth is governed by an ideal proportion. Usually, for example, the ideal width to height ratio of the two front teeth is 0.7:1.

Tooth Shade:

It is possible to change the shade of your teeth while designing your new smile. We have a variety of colour and translucency options to choose from in order to give you a smile so natural, it looks like one you were born with it.

Are you ready?

People with beautiful smiles get noticed! They look great in photos. See our Before and After gallery, click here.

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