Before and Afters from our Cosmetic Dental Patients

Don’t take our word for it! Instead, take a look at these before after photos from our cosmetic dental patients and let them tell a story, each worth a thousand words. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.




Margo came to us unhappy with the aesthetics of her smile. She had old crowns and her teeth were worn down from years of clenching and grinding due to an unbalanced bite.  She also had jaw joint problems.  We corrected her bite with physiologic/neuromuscular principles and rebuilt all of her teeth in new crowns and veneers that not only look better but put her bite in a comfortable position. She no longer grinds or clench her teeth.



Brandon came to us with a severely poor bite and badly broken down upper front teeth which he was embarrassed to show.  We rebuilt his bite using physiologic positioning for the jaw so that he would not continue break his teeth down.  The final aesthetic component for the upper teeth were done with porcelain crowns.


Cosmetic dental Kelowna patient, Amber's before treatment photo. Cosmetic dental Kelowna patient, Amber's after treatment photo.

Amber suffered from severe migraines due to grinding her teeth down.

We performed neuromuscular orthotic treatment to align her bite and then full mouth reconstruction with crowns and veneers to restore her severely worn teeth.


Cosmetic dentistry Kelowna patient, Cynthia's before treatment photo. Cosmetic dental Kelowna patient, Cynthia's after treatment photo.

Cosmetic dental patient, Cynthia had old worn out dentures for years that had caused gum and jaw pain due to the dentures not being aligned properly.

We restored her smile with aesthetically pleasing new dentures that were constructed using neuromuscular principles to balance the teeth, jaws and jaw joints so that she now functions in comfort.


dad_before dad_after

Henry had worn his lower teeth down to almost non-existence and at the same time had worn out his jaw joints. This caused shifting of his other teeth too.

We opened his bite up with a neuromuscular orthotic to allow his joints and muscles to heal and then we restored his worn teeth with full mouth reconstruction, crowns and veneers. Now he smiles with confidence and you cannot hear his jaw clicking from across the room when he chews.


kim_before kim_after

Kim is a divorced mom of 2 teenage boys and works as a dock worker. She had let her teeth go and had lost total confidence in herself. She finally decided that she needed to do something for herself.

In addition to poor aesthetics, we also found out that she had major bite problems due to her missing teeth. We restored her bite using neuromuscular techniques and did her final reconstruction over time with veneers, crowns and a partial lower denture. NOW she is truly the beautiful woman she already was on the inside.


lynn_before lynn_after

Lynn was feeling unattractive due to her worn teeth and she wanted to rejuvenate herself after a recent divorce. Her worn teeth were also causing her headaches and neck aches.

We restored her smile and relieved her pain by rebuilding her smile with a full mouth reconstruction, veneers and crowns after neuromuscular orthotic treatment to correct bite and jaw.

To our cosmetic dental patients, thanks for sharing your experiences!