Why a Better Smile?

WCosmetic dentist Kelowna Dr. Shauna Palmer offers smile designs and smile makeovers.hen you meet someone for the first time, initially you will notice their smile. A great smile shows confidence and openness; it’s simply attractive. It can be what sets you apart from others. Here are some reasons mentioned by our cosmetic dental patients and why they sought out to change their smile.


To Stand Out  Look Younger  Enhance Your Career  Improve Your Love Life

Stand out from the Crowd

All of us respond to beauty. We’re attracted to it. And there is a science behind it that explains our pull to attractiveness. There are four basic elements to beauty: clarity, symmetry, harmony and vivid color. The next time you see someone you consider beautiful, try to measure these four elements in their face.

How much time does it take to look at a face and rate its beauty? 150 milliseconds. That’s it! Even if you spent all day looking at the same face, in the end you would give it the same rating.

Want to stand out in a crowd?

So, what makes something attractive? With cosmetic dentistry, it comes down to balance and proportion. There is a natural law of beauty called Golden Proportion that we adhere to. Golden Proportion means that your smile will have the natural shape, size and contour to accurately fit your face and work with your natural jaw function. We use techniques that give you a natural, genuine look.


About Golden Proportion

What makes something attractive? It comes down to balance and proportion. Dr. Shauna Palmer designs smiles using the natural law of beauty called Golden Proportion.

Golden Proportion means that your smile will reflect the natural shape, size and contour of your face. It will take into consideration how your jaw functions. The golden proportion is a mathematic relationship found throughout nature. We use this as our starting point when we begin to design your smile. The golden proportion rule makes sure your smile appears completely in-balance while considering the amount of tooth surface that should be visible when viewed from the front.

Cometic dentist Kelowna Dr. Shauna Palmer offers cosmetic dental care as well as general dental care.

Principles of Smile Design

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a beautiful smile is priceless. To design the most aesthetically pleasing and optimally functional smile, we follow the nine main Principles of Smile Design taking into account your unique facial features. For example, we can use characteristics such as tooth shape to compliment or enhance the shape of your face.


Symmetry is the defining feature of a beautiful smile. By ensuring symmetry of the two front teeth as well as neighbouring teeth, the appearance of symmetry will affect the entire smile.

Horizontal Alignment

Smile lines that are parallel to the horizontal axis of your face are widely considered most attractive.

Smile Line

One of the most important characteristics of a great smile, a smile line is created by drawing an imaginary line from the biting edges of the back teeth around to the front teeth. A curved smile line makes you appear significantly younger.

Gum Line

The most aesthetic smiles have symmetrical gum lines that follow the upper lip.

Smile Width

In the ideal smile, the teeth towards the back of the mouth can be seen in progression. If the smile is narrow, the back teeth are often in shadow causing the sides of the smile to appear dark.


Embrasures are the natural, slight triangular spaces between the tips of your teeth. The most natural, youthful looking smile has small embrasure spaces at the front which gradually get larger towards the back teeth.

Tooth Proportion

When creating the ideal smile, the size of each tooth is governed by an ideal proportion. Usually, for example, the ideal width to height ratio of the two front teeth is 0.7:1.

Tooth Shade

It is possible to change the shade of your teeth while designing your new smile. Dr. Palmer has a variety of colour and translucency options to choose from in order to give you a smile so natural, it looks like one you were born with it.

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Take years off your looks with a Smile Rejuvenation

Let’s face it. We are all in a race with time.  As time rolls on, one of the most visible signs of aging is your changing smile. Front teeth, back teeth — they all eventually break down and wear out as the years pass.Cosmetic denist Kelowna and sleep apnea dentist offers CPAP alternatives and smile makeovers. Image of a woman smiling.

It’s not just your smile but your facial appearance too. When your teeth start to age, the spaces between your upper and lower jaw close up. This results in your chin moving closer to your nose. You look as though the lower third of your face is “squished up”.

Over time you will see:

  • Your lips change shape
  • Jowls beginning to appear on the side of your lower jaw
  • A deep crease popping up between your chin and lower lip
  • The skin of your lower face squishing together

What’s a Smile Rejuvenation?

With a smile rejuvenation, Dr. Shauna Palmer can restore and repair your worn smile. She can put a halt on the ravages of time and you will leave with a smile and a face that is restored to its original beauty. Smile Rejuvenation, a non-surgical process, is a balance-and-function process. Click here read more about Smile Rejuvenation at Health and Beauty Dentistry. 

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Enhance Your Career

When people are attractive and better looking, they have additional career opportunities, more chances for advancements and make more money overall, than their smile-challenged friends.Image of a woman smiling. Cometic dentist Kelowna Dr. Shauna Palmer offers cosmetic dental care as well as general dental care. Image of a woman in a suit smiling.

Attractive people are perceived as confident, hard-working and committed. It doesn’t sound fair but unfortunately it’s true. Getting the smile you want ensures you are taken more seriously and gives you the confidence to go after your dreams.

You know the reality of the workplace. It’s difficult enough getting noticed and to be taken seriously at your job. There can be a tendency to get lost in a sea of colleagues and co-workers . . . all competing for the approval and attention of your manager.

A smile burdened with chipped, crooked and stained teeth won’t help your odds of getting noticed.

An improved Smile = An enhanced career

A new smile will instantly impact your self-confidence. In turn, you will immediately see positive results.

  • You will volunteer for more presentations.
  • Your self-assurance will shine through and your boss, your clients and your colleagues will take notice.
  • You will attempt new projects and plunge into assignments with a new found gusto.

Whether it’s a simple cosmetic procedure, teeth whitening or refreshing your entire smile – you have earned the right to a healthier smile. Something as simple as a new smile can alter your entire outlook and can enhance your career. And that can lead to great accomplishment both in and out of the boardroom.

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Improve Your Love Life

What are you attracted to in other people?

In today’s social and media filled world, we have been programmed to respond to beauty. Modern research has proven that symmetrical face shapes and features are considered more beautiful. More attractive. More approachable.

The more proportionate your mouth, teeth, lips and smile are . . . the more beautiful you are considered to be.

Image of a woman smiling. Cometic dentist Kelowna Dr. Shauna Palmer offers cosmetic dental care as well as general dental care. Image of a couple with cosmetic dental work from cosmetic dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer.A new smile might improve your love life.

Plain and simple – there are many people unhappy with their appearance. Some people have smiles that have been unattractive for their entire lives. Some people have teeth that have aged and over time, becoming unattractive. Regardless of how they got there, at some point, people can no longer deny they have an unattractive smile and it’s affecting their life.

You’ve seen these people. The ones that avoid showing their teeth or don’t smile at all. You find them putting a hand in front of their mouth while speaking or laughing. You’ve probably seen these people at the bank, at your work and maybe even in your own home. Are you one of these people?

Cosmetic dentistry gives you an instant dental facelift

Cosmetic Dentistry can alter your appearance so you ultimately look better and feel better about yourself. It can even improve your love life! From braces to porcelain veneers to complete smile makeovers – there are many techniques in cosmetic dentistry. Most times, dentists use a combination of techniques in order to achieve the best results.

Cosmetic dentistry has been described, not as a science but rather an art form. An art form that can improve your love life, your confidence and your health.

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