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Health & Beauty: You deserve both.

Holistic Approach

Live healthier, happier, and longer.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Life-changing treatment.

TMJ Pain Care

Migraine, jaw and neck pain relief.

Adult Orthodontics

Straight teeth for any age.

Snoring Hubby?

A sleep appliance can help.

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West Kelowna Dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer: "Health and beauty dentistry; we believe you deserve both!"

“As a proud West-Kelowna dentist, I would like to help changing people’s lives, not just their appearance. My goal and my priority is to help my clients live better, more fulfilled lives. And that starts with taking your smile and making it ‘you’, and the objective to make it better.”

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Dr Palmer Best Dentist Kelowna
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Kelowna Health & Beauty Dental Services

Looking for a West Kelowna dental centre that provides a more holistic dental treatment experience? West Kelowna dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer provides general dentistry services with a holistic (meaning: ‘whole body’) approach. The intention of her West Kelowna dental clinic is to help patients live better, more fulfilled lives. Every dental care treatment starts with determining the functionality of your smile, making it look like you, and keeping it healthy ongoing.

Dental Emergencies

Experiencing a dental emergency in West Kelowna? Don't wait! Our dedicated dental team is ready to provide immediate assistance for any urgent dental issues. Call us for prompt care.

General Dentistry

Looking for a reliable, caring dentist in West Kelowna? Our dental clinic offers comprehensive, holistic dental care for a variety of patients. Contact us for your dental health needs.

Holistic Dentistry

Seeking a holistic dentist in Kelowna? We focus on natural whole-body health, integrating innovative dental techniques and a natural approach to modern health and beauty dentistry.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhance your smile with cosmetic dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer in Kelowna. We offer a range of aesthetic, health and beauty dental treatments tailored to your unique wants, special needs and desires.

Adult Orthodontics

Transform your smile with adult orthodontics in Kelowna. Our health and beauty dental clinic provides personalized, orthodontic treatments to align your bite and improve your dental health.

Dental Implants

Regain your confident smile with dental implants in Kelowna. Our skilled health and beauty dental team offers advanced solutions for missing teeth. Contact us today for more details.

TMJ Pain Care

Relieve TMJ pain with TMJ dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer in Kelowna. experience gentle care and personalized treatments to ease discomfort and improve jaw function. Please contact us today for more info.

Sleep Disorders

Struggling with snoring or sleep apnea in Kelowna? Our health and beauty dentistry clinic offers effective treatments to improve your sleep quality and health. Contact us now.

Mouth Guards

Get your custom sports mouth guard in Kelowna at Dr. Shauna Palmer. Protect your teeth during athletic activities with our durable, comfortable sports mouth guards. Visit our dental clinic today.

If you are searching for a “dentist near me” or “best dentist near me” look no further! Book an appointment with West Kelowna dental office Dr. Shauna Palmer today!

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What patients say about Kelowna Holistic Dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer

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Kelowna Dentist Reviews

Rob C.

Easily the best experience I have had at a dental clinic. From start to finish, the entire team works their hardest to make the entire process as comforting and informative as possible...

Kelowna Dentist Reviews

Farah C.

Dr. Palmer is very thorough and detailed. I generally tend to avoid going to the dentists because of not so positive past experiences. However, I have been very impressed ...

Kelowna Dentist Reviews

Jody V.

I have never in my life been so impressed with a dentist's office. I chose this practice when I moved here because it spoke to being holistic, and holistic it is ...

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Why choose Dr. Shauna Palmer?

Switch to a holistic approach

  • End Holistic Dentistry confusion
  • Don’t continue unhealthy dentistry
  • Avoid putting toxic chemicals into your body
  • Stop treating symptoms only, treat the causes
  • Forget about a one size fits all approach to dentistry

Live healthier, happier and longer

  • Take control over what goes into your mouth and body
  • Strive for the oral health you’ve always wanted
  • Find clarity about healthy, natural, holistic dentistry
  • Enjoy feeling better about yourself
  • Choose a healthier life!
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Health & Beauty Dentistry

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Kelowna Dentist Dr. Shauna Palmer of Health and Beauty Dentistry understands that no two patients are alike, and each person needs different things from their dental experience. This means she always strives to provide the best possible care in a comfortable environment that matches the individual needs of her patients, whether they’re visiting for the first time or have been going to her for years. At Health and Beauty Dentistry, Dr. Palmer and her staff work with all of their patients to ensure every visit is relaxing, informative, and beneficial to the long-term health of their teeth! Are you looking for a Dentist WestBank Kelowna that provides healthy dentistry?

Health and Beauty Dentistry. You deserve both: Health and beauty dentistry is a term that encompasses all things related to dental hygiene, such as regular checkups and brushing & flossing. We don’t recommend that you go it alone, however—it’s not just about what you do yourself, but also about building healthy habits alongside caring professionals who can help address potential problems (or find ways to prevent them).

At Health and Beauty Dentistry, we bring health and beauty together in one beautiful place: Dr. Shauna Palmer provides dentistry that focuses on health and beauty, making her practices in Westbank, BC and Kelowna one of Okanagan Valley’s most trusted health care providers!

Holistic Approach. Gentle Care. Non Toxic Materials Only: Dr. Shauna Palmer: “We focus on health AND beauty because we believe that everyone deserves both!”
At Health and Beauty Dentistry – a Kelowna Dental Center – I provide holistic dentistry that focuses on overall wellness and addresses health concerns by looking at all aspects of your smile. Because there’s so much more to oral health than simply your teeth, we look beyond just fillings and x-rays – we examine root causes of poor dental health including toxin buildup, food sensitivities, stress levels, sleep quality and diet choices.

At our Okanagan dentistry practice, our patients are our #1 priority. I‘ve decided to make my office as healthy as possible. As such, my entire practice is free from toxic materials like mercury (used in amalgam fillings), chloroform (in some whitening products) and many other harsh chemicals commonly found in modern dentistry practices.

Health and beauty dentistry is a term that encompasses all things related to dental hygiene, such as regular checkups and brushing & flossing. We don’t recommend that you go it alone, however—it’s not just about what you do yourself, but also about building healthy habits alongside caring professionals who can help address potential problems (or find ways to prevent them).”

Dr. Shauna Palmer is part of a group of Kelowna doctors and dentists in Kelowna who look beyond the physical treatment location. Seeing the bigger picture (Overall Health and Wellness) is at the heart of every dental treatment.

Looking for quality dentistry on West Kelowna? Make an appointment with Dr. Shauna Palmer at Health and Beauty Dentistry. Dental Care That May Improve Your Quality Of Life.

There might be more Kelowna dentists who provide holistic dental services. But we know for certain that not all of them are focused on Health AND Beauty. Today’s dental procedures offer some of our patients what can be dramatic changes to their smiles: long-lasting dental implants Kelowna, porcelain veneers that help your teeth look whiter and straighter, TMJ pain treatment, metal-free bridges that make it possible to chew food more comfortably, metal-free orthodontics (clear aligners) that are effective without being so noticeable, or snoring devices that improve your quality of life by allowing you to sleep better during the night.

Whatever dental services we provide, they’re all offered with a single goal in mind: Improving your quality of life through dental care that is gentle, personalized, and customized to your needs.

OUR DENTAL SERVICES: Dental Emergencies, General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Holistic Dentistry, Orthodontics, TMJ Pain Dentistry, Sleep Apnea Care, Dental Hygiene, Crowns & Bridges, Broken Teeth, White Fillings, Root Canals, Sports Mouth Guards, Mercury Filling Removal, Ozone Therapy, Oral Cancer Screening, Periodontal (Gun) Disease, Dental Sedation, Smile MakeOvers, Teeth Whitening, Dental Implants, Dental Veneers, Dental Braces, and Snoring Devices.

When health and beauty are important to you, our West Bank Kelowna dental practice can help. If you’re looking for top dental care, and you want to look beyond average dental services, our Kelowna West bank clinic is here to help! At Kelowna Dental Centre Dr. Shauna Palmer’s health and beauty dentistry, we believe that your oral health is an essential part of your overall health, so let us be your first choice when it comes to caring for your smile—from simple dental exams to teeth whitening to more complex dental implants treatment. We will provide all you need with a stress-free experience every time. Your smile—and overall wellness—will thank you.