How Stress & TMJ Cause Headaches

Recent social events have understandably left a strong impact on communities world-wide. Stress and anxiety levels for many have accelerated to a great extent as response to the intensity of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, chronic stress and anxiety can have detrimental effects on our health. It can trigger an array of health issues that impede our daily lives, such TMJ headaches. 

Increased levels of stress and anxiety can inevitably lead to compromised physical health like temporomandibular (TMJ) disorder. TMJ disorder is a misalignment of the teeth and jaw bone that can cause immense pain and discomfort. It often creates the sensation of a terrible headache or migraine.

Signs of TMJ Headaches

There are a lot of factors that can trigger headaches, so how do you know that TMJ disorder is responsible for your headaches? The following signs can be indicative of TMJ:

1. Pain in the Jaw and Head

Are you having pain in and around your head, temples, and down your neck? If your answer is yes, then TMJ disorder could be triggering your headache. Pain in the muscles supporting your jaw can spread to other parts in the head and neck because of how interconnected they are.

2. Dizziness and Vertigo

When you feel like you’re about to faint or everything seems fuzzy suddenly, it could indicate you have TMJ disorder. When your jaw is off-balance, it can put excessive strain on the joint, giving mixed signals to the brain. This can lead to dizziness or feelings of vertigo.

3. Pain and Ringing in the Ear

It is common to believe that allergies or infections are responsible for ear pain, but that is not always true. TMJ disorder can cause earache or ringing in the ear, otherwise known as tinnitus. This is a result of nerve irritation, change at the jaw joint, or inflammation of the muscles supporting the jaw joints.

4. Cognitive Difficulties

If you’re suffering from TMJ disorder, you may experience chronic pain capable of disrupting your thinking and could even lead to depression. If your skull and jaw are not properly aligned, it can slow down the blood flow between your body and head, causing “brain fog”. A state where you lose focus and become mentally confused.

End Your TMJ Headaches with Dr. Palmer

You don’t have to live with the unnecessary and awful pain of a TMJ headache or other TMJ-related complications. Dr. Palmer, a dentist in Kelowna, is skilled in treating individual TMJ cases by taking a holistic approach to your concerns. Dr. Palmer and the Health & Beauty Dentistry team are ready to support you in your journey to taking back control of your health. 

If you’re suffering from TMJ disorder, Health & Beauty Dentistry will conduct a thorough dental exam of your dental and general medical history to help you develop the best options for your condition. 

End you suffering. Call Dr. Palmer at  250-768-3984 or book an appointment online to begin your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.