How a Safe Mercury Removal Approach Can Help Improve Your Overall Health

Image of mercury droplets against a pink background

In the past, one of the primary options for filling a tooth was a silver (amalgam) filling.

Unfortunately, many people didn’t realize at the time that these fillings contain materials, such as mercury, that can lead to health complications.  

Thankfully, Dr. Palmer is a dentist who can safely remove these fillings and replace them with materials that are less likely to impede your health. 

Why Many Patients May Avoid Mercury Fillings

Aesthetic reasons may drive patients away from mercury fillings. However, patients may also worry about the effects mercury can have on their health.

Mercury is a known neurotoxin. Exposure to it at high levels can result in health consequences, such as:

  •   Tremors
  •   Insomnia
  •   Changes in mood
  •   Headaches
  •   Poor mental function
  •   Muscle twitching and weakness
  •   Respiratory distress
  •   Kidney failure

Because of this, many patients may become deterred from silver fillings and may want to remove their old silver fillings. However, removal of these fillings can be problematic and lead to more unsafe exposure. This is because the process creates vapors that can be inhaled and enter your bloodstream.

Thankfully, Dr. Palmer in West Kelowna can remove mercury fillings by taking extra precautions that can significantly reduce your risk of exposure.

Can Old Mercury Fillings Be Removed Safely?

Dr. Palmer takes a holistic and biological approach to dentistry. With this style of approach, she has discovered and implemented practices to remove these fillings with safety in consideration.

How Your Kelowna Dentist Can Safely Remove Mercury Fillings

Dr. Palmer is SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) certified. The goal of this amalgam removal system is to reduce the number of mercury vapors you’re exposed to during the amalgam removal process.

Before the procedure, you might be provided with a charcoal rinse, which can capture mercury particulates so they can be safely eliminated later.

During the procedure, you and the Health & Beauty Dentistry team will wear protective gear, including:

  •   A full-body barrier (for you), along with an oxygen mask over your nose
  •   A face mask and shield, gloves, and hair protection

A dental dam is also used to not just isolate the teeth being worked on, but also to prevent amalgam from ending up in your mouth.

Dr. Palmer also has a special large air suction unit to trap vapours right at the site of release as well as a surgical air filtration unit that filters toxins and microbes. This unit also kills the microbes, which is part of Health & Beauty Dentistry’s extra infection control systems. 

Dr. Palmer Isn’t Just Interested in Your Teeth

Dr. Palmer knows that your dental health can have a profound effect on your general health and vice versa. The health of one of your body’s systems can affect the health of other systems that you may not even consider are linked. 

By treating patients with a whole-person approach, Dr. Palmer can help search for the root cause of your health issues and aim to improve your health in a holistic sense — helping to keep your mouth, and your whole body, healthy and in good working order.

Are you worried that your old fillings might be negatively impact your health? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.