Reasons Why You Should Replace Silver Fillings

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Do you have old silver fillings that you want to replace? Are you familiar with the perceived dangers of mercury amalgam and want to look into treatment options to replace those silver fillings that have been in your mouth for decades? At my practice, I use a holistic approach to replacing mercury fillings.

I focus on restorative dentistry when fixing or replacing mercury fillings that may have gone wrong or have endured some wear and tear. My dentistry services can improve the health of your teeth, the appearance of your smile, and your overall wellbeing.

Why and When You Should Have a Dental Filling

Maintaining proper oral health is vital to the maintenance of overall health. People receive dental fillings for many different reasons, but mainly, dental fillings are used to treat related pain and risk of infections or tooth decay.

The treatment and filling of a tooth is a decision that is best made with your dentist. There are many reasons to replace your dental fillings and old silver fillings.

Grey Metal Amalgam (Silver Fillings) Versus Tooth-Colored Composites (Direct Composites)

Dental amalgam is a dental filling material used to fill cavities that are caused by decay of a tooth. Dental amalgam is a fusion of metals that consist of liquid mercury and a powdered alloy composed of tin, copper, and silver. The dental amalgam approach to dental fillings is commonly known as silver fillings because of their silver color appearance.

The dental amalgam filling has been used by dentists for more than 150 years to treat hundreds of millions of patients worldwide, but new technological science is finding smarter ways to replace mercury fillings and complete mercury amalgam removal procedures.

Tooth-colored composite fillings, also known as a white filling or direct composites, are a far safer and more effective way to fill cavities and replace silver fillings. Direct composites are made of a durable plastic and glass mixture that is created to match the color of your existing teeth. This means no more silver or mercury inside your mouth.

These tooth-colored fillings require very little removal of healthy tooth structure surrounding the decay, and the bonding of white fillings to your enamel restores up to 95% of the original tooth’s structure. The fillings are extremely durable, can be placed in a single visit, and they fully harden in seconds for immediate results.

Perceived Dangers of Silver Fillings and Mercury Amalgam

There are many perceived and real dangers of amalgam fillings, which is precisely why I choose to treat my clients with the smartest and safest technology possible. Amalgam dental fillings contain mercury, which can be a major health risk over time.

Amalgam fillings also react to temperature changes, which means that the metals of the fillings contract and expand as the temperature in your mouth increases or decreases.

On the other hand, composite fillings strengthen and bond to your teeth, unlike the amalgam technique that allows for no attachment of the filling and the tooth. Mercury amalgam removal is definitely something to consider if you are looking for peace of mind and assurance that your mercury fillings are not causing you adverse health effects.

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Mercury is a neurotoxin that can cause a number of health problems including mood swings, headaches/migraines, insomnia, endometriosis, tremors, skin rashes, high blood pressure, loss of concentration, and more. This does not happen to everyone, but mercury exposure through amalgam fillings is a very real threat and is something that happens over time.

SMART Certified Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique

As a dentist in Kelowna, I choose to treat my patients with the safest mercury amalgam removal process I have found. I became SMART Certified in order to remove and replace silver fillings in a very safe way. This holistic dental approach to replacing mercury fillings is a certification provided through the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique.

Choose to Replace Silver Fillings With Me

If you are looking to replace mercury fillings by a Kelowna dentist, consider calling my office or booking an appointment to learn more about the process and treatment to replace silver fillings. I, together with my dental team, aim to reduce my patients’ risk of mercury exposure and believe in taking the most holistic approach to dental care in order to ensure overall wellbeing.


My team and I are happy to provide you with information regarding the best dental care practices and providing you with safe, quality dental services. Searching for a dentist in Kelowna that practices mercury amalgam removal through a safe and holistic approach? Let me help you by booking an appointment today.