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Read and watch how these clients’ lives were changed after undergoing treatments at our  West Kelowna dental office. Here you will get to know what some recent clients experienced. You will read first-hand their stories, their accounts, and their happy endings.

After reading, we encourage you to research your options and decide for yourself. If you need guidance along your journey, we are here to help.

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West Kelowna Dental Office Testimonials and Online Reviews

 Deborah’s Story

“I now have excellent sleeps”

 Gus’s Story

“She came in on her day off to deal with the tooth”

 Amber’s Story

“Was in constant pain”

I was a grinder for most of my life and had ground my bite to the point where I had constant migraine headaches and my jaws would lock up in a tight clench. I was put in an orthotic for 2 years and my bite adjusted on a monthly basis. My TMJ was a constant pain if I did not have my orthotic in.

After my bite was adjusted to where I was comfortable with the orthotic and my headaches were gone — Dr. Palmer began to re-build my bite. I have had a full mouth reconstruction for 4 years now and have no migraines, no jaw pain and also enjoy the rewards of a beautiful smile.

See Amber’s Before and After photos here. 


 Astrid’s Story

“Dr. Palmer’s West Kelowna dental office is warm, inviting and relaxing”

I never thought I would enjoy going to the dentist but when you step inside Dr. Shauna Palmer’s office, you find yourself greeted by warm hellos and smiles. Sometimes you all but forget about that wretched root canal or the anxiety of getting a needle in the gums. Like the sprint on a cheetah; it’s all over quite quickly. AND you survived the dentist!

A seemingly great achievement for most people – but not for me because I’ve been to Dr Palmer’s office before and I know what it’s like. (so have my Mom, Dad and my sisters) It’s impressive, welcoming and businesslike! So… that’s why I don’t break out in a sweat when it’s time to go to the dentist!

 Sheila’s Story

“Top quality with no extras pushed on you”

 Terry’s Story

“I feel confident with all her latest technologies”

I am very impressed that Dr. Palmer keeps on updating her skills all the time. She is also very tech-savvy and always has the latest treatments available. She could have a second profession as an interior designer! I love it – how she’s transferred this small space into a welcoming and elegant West Kelowna dental office!

Alison’s Story

“Dr. Palmer found the underlying cause of my pain”

When I first met Dr. Shauna Palmer she asked me, as a migraine sufferer, “Do you think that you grind your teeth when you sleep?” I immediately said, “Definitely not but that I did often have a sore jaw.” She did a complete exam and showed me that in fact I did grind my teeth and that it had resulted in severe wear and chipping from over the years.

After Dr. Palmer addressed my bite issues, she used a high-tech computer system to develop a personlized orthotic for me to wear at night. Now, not only are the migraines alleviated but the grinding damage I was doing to my teeth has been stopped. The orthotic helps to correct my ‘out of alignment’ bite and when I wear the mouth guard, the relief I feel is a ‘gift!’ So much, in fact, that I often wear it throughout the day as well!

Thanks to Dr Palmer, I have my life back!

 Judy’s Story

“Stellar service”

Albertus’ Story

“I was immediately struck by her warmth and kindness”

I find Dr. Shauna Palmer and her staff to be genuinely kind and caring people and this office generates an efficient, yet peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Dr. Palmer listens to your concerns and goes out of her way to accommodate promptly. She has a high level of professionalism without arrogance. Procedures are skillfully done with immediate attention to fittings and adjustments and she takes her time to make things “just right.”

Valuable, practical advice is given from each department and all is given with a healthy dose of good humor. The orthotics and treatments have improved my general sense of well-being dramatically! […] I actually enjoy going to the dentist!

Carla’s Story

“They really care about me as a person and not just another patient”

I have had very poor teeth since I was a teenager. Between having my 2 front teeth chipped by accident and having to have root canals on just about all of my teeth there wasn’t much hope of ever having the perfect ,straight, pearly white smile I had envisioned for myself. Dr. Palmer and her staff have not only given me that perfect smile with lots of hard work and patience, but they also make the whole experience of coming into the dental office very rewarding.

The West Kelowna dental office is very beautiful and modern and the equipment and services are state of the art. I still have work to be done on my teeth and believe it or not I look forward to all of my future appointments!

Thanks to Dr.Palmer and her staff for always being accommodating and showing they really care about me as a person and not just another patient.

Dianne’s Story

“Thank goodness I found you”

I thank you for your superb service, for your happy smiles and for your excellent care. I am so grateful that your advertisement caught my attention.

Here’s to today and to many tomorrows … many thanks!

Mark and Maureen Wylie’s Story

“We love how thorough and professional Dr. Palmer and her staff are.”

From cleaning, to filling cavities, to matching the colour of our tooth colour on new crowns, they are always on top of the latest techniques and technology. We especially appreciate the personal touch of Shauna’s follow-up phone calls, as well as the expert advice on dental care and other specialty health services that they offer.

Lisa’s Story

“How super I think your new hygienist, Lauren is”

Dr. Palmer,
I did not want to let another day go by without telling you how super I think your new hygienist, Lauren is. The public is quick to let others know when things are not as they should be, but sadly not as quick to let you know when things are super.

I think it is important for you to know that I do not remember a time…ever in my life, where I got up out of the dental chair after a cleaning without my mouth throbbing. All these years I just assumed that a cleaning meant pain. Lauren put that myth to rest for me. She is an asset to your group of wonderful women!

Linda’s Johnson’s Story

“No brown teeth anymore”