How We Can Treat Sleep Apnea Naturally with a Physiological Approach

How We Can Treat Sleep Apnea Naturally with a Physiological Approach

CPAP machines have been useful for many sleep apnea patients, but not all of them. For many people, trying to treat their condition this way misses the mark in two ways. 

First, they are provided with a machine that is often uncomfortable and doesn’t always provide the results they want.

Second, a CPAP machine can, in some cases, be considered a band-aid. It doesn’t treat the underlying cause of sleep apnea.

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Today, I’m going to show you how you can treat sleep apnea naturally, using a physiological, holistic approach to your health. 

Treat Sleep Apnea Naturally: Why a Natural, Holistic Approach Is Best

Why should you be concerned about how to treat sleep apnea naturally? It’s because your health is involved

Sleep apnea isn’t just about snoring. It isn’t just about the symptoms you put up with when you don’t get enough restful sleep because you aren’t sleeping soundly each night. 

Obstructive sleep apnea can kill. Not only can patients with this condition completely stop breathing – they can end up with a higher risk for heart disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer and more.

Getting enough air into your lungs each night is definitely one of the goals all healthcare professionals have for you, including the team at your West Kelowna dentist office.

However, I want to make sure that what you’re doing to treat your sleep apnea is going to target the root cause of the issue, not simply cover up the symptoms.

The Root Causes of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is caused by three major factors.

  • Being overweight
  • Having excessive soft tissue in the back of the mouth/throat
  • A misaligned bite/deficient jaw development

Losing weight is one way to treat sleep apnea naturally. However, it might not be enough, particularly if you have soft tissues that get in the way of breathing or a misaligned bite. Both problems can leave you with an obstructed airway. Thankfully, there’s a holistic way to treat these issues, and it’s a solution that will benefit your overall health, as well as your oral health. 

How Your Kelowna Dentist Treats Sleep Apnea Using a Physiologic Approach

When sleep apnea patients come into my Kelowna dentist office, I start them off with a system called the K-7 Evaluation System. 

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Sensors are applied to the patient’s face and the sensors feed information to a computer that tells me about the patient’s jaw position. After we relax all the jaw, neck and airway muscles using a tens machine, we can use the computer to help determine the best physiologic bite.

 From there we can create a custom sleep apnea appliance, called a MicrO2 appliance

The MicrO2 sleep apnea device gently pulls the jaw forward, essentially correcting the position of the jaw, which reduces the likelihood that the patient’s airway will be obstructed while they’re asleep. 

Remember when I said it’s important to take a holistic, full-body approach to sleep apnea? That’s exactly what this device does. Not only does it keep the airway open, but it also reduces the risk of TMJ disorder symptoms, like headaches and jaw pain.  

The result: A better night sleep, more energy, less pain, and improved overall health. 

Are You Ready to Try a New Approach to Treating Your Sleep Apnea? 

If you’ve tried the traditional approach to treating sleep apnea and it hasn’t worked – you have options! When you visit my West Kelowna dentist office, my team and I will find the best option for your needs. I’ll do a thorough examination to determine what’s really contributing to your sleep apnea symptoms and determine the best way to treat the situation. 

Stop trying to use a machine that’s not working. Let’s work together to find the best physiologic solution to your sleep apnea so you can start getting a great night’s sleep as soon as possible. 

Are you interested in learning more about my holistic approach to sleep apnea? Contact my office today and schedule a consultation to discuss your questions, needs, and concerns.