CBD Oil for Migraines – Is This the Solution You’ve Been Waiting For?

CBD oil for migraines

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the looming legalization of cannabis in Canada.

It’s an exciting time because cannabis has helped so many people with pain management, and now it can help even more.

In fact, many people have considered using various cannabis products – like CBD oil – for migraines.

Many of my patients suffer from migraine headaches and have been searching for migraine treatments for years. As you can imagine, they’re really looking forward to trying CBD oil to treat their migraines.

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But is this treatment really effective? Can it really be the source of relief that so many people are searching for?

CBD Oil Available for Everyone: Will Chronic Pain Sufferers Finally Find Relief?

A lot of migraine sufferers want to know how to treat migraines naturally. They don’t want to risk poisoning their body or getting addicted to pain medications.

That’s why cannabis-related migraine treatments seem like such a good idea.

Cannabis supporters have long touted its pain-reducing properties. In fact, it’s estimated that 10%-15% of pain clinic patients use some form of cannabis in their treatment regimen.

Some people prefer using CBD oil instead of using marijuana because they get relief from pain without experiencing any sort of high.

The jury is still out regarding exactly why some people have found CBD oil for migraines to be an effective remedy.

Some researchers have found that smoking marijuana or using CBD oil can help with pain by changing the way certain nerves function.

Others believe that serotonin imbalances cause some migraines. They suggest that cannabis products can help balance them out.

Other possible migraine causes that cannabis might be able to help with include inflammation and an imbalance in the pain regulation compound anandamide.


There are some people, though, who might try CBD oil for migraines without success. These are patients who actually have a dental or structural issue that could be causing their migraines.

CBD Oil for Migraines – Is It a Real Solution or Just a Band-Aid?

The dental issue I’m referring to here is TMJ Disorder, or temporomandibular joint disorder. And patients who have this disorder will find that CBD oil for migraines is really nothing more than a Band-Aid fix.

It might work some of the time and reduce some of the pain.

However, CBD oil is not one of the great long-term migraine treatments for patients with TMJ Disorder.

This disorder is not caused by imbalanced hormones or neurotransmitter levels. It’s caused by mechanics.

Someone with TMJ Disorder has some sort of misalignment. Their teeth, jaw joints, or both don’t fit together properly.

This misalignment puts pressure on the jaw joints, as well as the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the face, head, and neck. In turn, that pressure causes strain which can lead to really intense pain.

If the misalignment isn’t fixed, the pain can become chronic.

How a Dentist Can Help You Successfully Treat Your Migraines

You might be wondering how to treat migraines naturally if you’re dealing with this disorder. Is it even possible? Thankfully, it is!

what causes tmj disorder

To reduce the pain of TMJ Disorder, we need to reduce the strain.

We can start by making a dental orthotic. This positions the lower jaw where the muscles and jaw joints are relaxed and in their physiologic position.

Removable Orthotic

Removable TMJ Orthotic

Another option is an orthotic device that’s worn at night to put the jaw into proper alignment. This reduces and eases muscle strain. This appliance is also designed as a sleep apnea or snoring device as well as a night time physiological TMD stabilizer.

Finally, since misalignment is the root cause of the problem, we can also try orthodontics.

I treat my patients with physiologic orthodontics and orthopedics. This basically involves jaw development and alignment in a physiologic position to stabilize muscles, jaw joints, the airway and the bite as well as developing great smiles and faces.

After the treatment is complete, the patient should notice a significant difference in the occurrence of migraines. We can still take some precautions, though, by fabricating a post-orthodontic sleep appliance to stabilize the TMJ’s,  and orthodontic treatment.

Choose a Dental Team Who Understands What You’re Going Through

Many of my patients have suffered from migraines for years. In fact, some have told me that I’m the 10th or even the 15th doctor they’ve gone to in search of relief.

My team and I have compassion for our patients who suffer from chronic pain like this. That’s why we aren’t satisfied with the idea of temporary fixes. We want to treat the root of the issue.

When we treat TMJ Disorder, we do more than reduce a patient’s pain. Proper alignment and preventative care also help us protect the teeth and gums.

We are determined to help our patients finally find some relief from their pain. If you’re dealing with chronic pain, you can be sure that you’re in good hands with us.

Are you ready to put an end to chronic migraines? Please contact us! We’ll help you find a solution to the root of the problem – not just a temporary, Band-Aid fix.

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